Shane Breedveld - Games Producer

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General Information

Game Summary

Ever wondered what would happen if you put a snail in charge of running a restaurant? Wonder no more! You can now experience it first-hand in Snail Cuisine!

As the Snail Chef, it’s your calling to cook and serve meals to your restaurant guests. But beware of what you leave behind, the snail life is rather slippery!

Key Features

Cooking against the Clock
Race against the clock as your hungry guests are waiting for their meal to be prepared and delivered to their table.

Slippery Controls
Stay in control as your kitchen gets more and more slippery by the slime you leave behind, think of the paths you take and risks involved as your slip and slide your way through the restaurant.

Development Information

Team size: 8
Project Duration: 3 Days
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: PC

Project Work Breakdown

Main Role : Audio Designer/General Designer

  • Responsible for VFX related to the character’s mobility and interactions.
  • Creating the UI which shows the player how long they’ve managed to keep playing without failing.
  • Mixing and finding audio for the ambient music and the main theme.
  • Concepting of the initial game idea, including the core game loop and setting.
  • Co-creating the page

Analysis and Process


The formation of the game jam team was put together based on people with who I had previously worked successfully as well as making sure that we have the key competencies on board to make an enjoyable short game.

Due to the duration of the project, there was not really a need for a producer or long term planning, for me personally this game jam was to have some fun and refresh some of my design knowledge, hence why I took on a generalist type design role with a slight focus on audio. 

As we started off this 3-day game jam we spent most of the first-day concepting, being heavily involved with this both driving the conversations as well as asking critical questions we eventually came to our final concept. Now that I knew the character, setting and the actions the player would be performing I started to prepare by gathering audio assets and making a small audio library for myself that I could use when audio was needed for a part of the game. 

On the second day, we were mostly focused on creating the systems in a functional state, as we decided that we wanted player urgency to be present in this game we settled on using a timer alongside a health system. While making the timer required quite basic UE4 blueprinting it allowed me to add something functional to the game as well.  

Now that the game was starting to take form we also needed representation of our game on (the platform that hosted the game jam.) Thus, together with another team member, we created a thematically fitting Itch page that advertised our game to the audience.

The final day consisted mostly of implementing and improving implemented audio where possible due to all other content now being in the game. This is also when the sound mixing was done to ensure that there was a good audio balance in the game.

While this experience wasn’t gaining me much knowledge or experience as a producer it was a nice refresher on actually implementing content in the game rather than managing the team.

Implementing the Timer UI.

Deciding the setting and theme.

Shane Breedveld